Hungry Caterpillars Class

Curriculum for Autumn Term 1

This half term our topic is ‘Bears and their chairs’.

Our half term focus is Personal, Social and Emotional Based as we settle in.

A very warm welcome to all the new families beginning the learning journey at Freshwaters Primary Academy.

Vocabulary to understand and use: bear, mummy, daddy, baby, house, cottage, forest, woods, spoon, bowl, porridge, oats, table, beds, chairs, big, large, huge, medium, small, tiny, broken, messy, ate, sat, slept, broke, hunt, catch, cave, over, under, through, grass, squelch, nose, eyes, mud, river, snowstorm, day, scared, beautiful, picnic.

As Readers we will explore the roles of an Author and Illustrator through various bear related stories. We will learn which way up the book needs to be, reading from right to left, how to turn the pages carefully and the difference between text and illustrations. 

As Writers we are learning to create different types of marks. Children will experiment with different medias to write such as paint, pencils, felt tips, chalks and water. We will also explore how to make marks in the sand tray, porridge oats, and shaving foam. We are also given opportunities to write our own letters and cards.

As Mathematicians we will sort and group objects into their different sizes (big, medium and small) and by colours. We will also learn the days of the week and months of the year through a daily calendar.

As Explorers we will be exploring our new environment and the different types of settings the bear travels through in ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We will use these experiences to develop our descriptive language e.g. squishy, squelchy mud. We will study the types of bears and their habitats. We will also investigate what types of materials are good for making beds/chairs and how to make porridge. In addition, we will look at different types of weather.

PE lessons will take place on Fridays as soon as the children have settled in and learned the rules and routines, so please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. 

Home Learning

Each day please talk to your child about their day, e.g. What they did, skills they learnt and which friends they played with. We will be giving out books to share at home which will be changed weekly, so please ensure your child has a book bag.