Year 1

Rainbow Fish & Elmer Classes

Curriculum for Autumn Term 1

This term our topic is Frogs.

Topic vocabulary to understand and use: frogs, amphibians, habitat, life, cycle, tadpole, frogspawn, frog-let, camouflage and diet.

As Readers we will be continuing to read our stage books. Please read as much as possible with your child at home, commenting in the reading diary. We will also be assessed and put into new phonic groups, in preparation for the phonic screening check in June.

As Writers we will be creating recounts and diary entries from our class story – “The Frog Prince.”  We will also be creating kennings about our favourite animals.

As Mathematicians we will be developing our understanding of place value. We will also be focusing on addition and subtraction.

As Scientists we will identify, name and categorise a variety of frogs. We will also understand how frogs grow by studying the life cycle of a frog. We will also be looking at a range of habitats which may or may not be suitable for frogs.

As Explorers we will be discovering lots of interesting facts about frogs. We will find out how they breathe, catch their food and absorb water. We will also be exploring some of the different ways that frogs can move.

PE lessons will take place every Monday and Thursday in Rainbow Fish and Wednesday and Thursday in Elmer. Please ensure pupils have the appropriate kit in school.

Home Learning

We will continue to give out homework each Friday and it will be due in on the following Wednesday. 

Thank you for all of your support.