Year 3

Lighthouse Keepers & The Borrowers Classes.

Curriculum for Autumn Term 1

This half term our topic is ‘Animals including humans’.

Our half term focus has a Science and English theme. 

Topic vocabulary to understand and use: Plants, animals, humans, food, nutrition, food groups, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, water, fats, repair, digest, skeleton, endoskeleton, exoskeleton, invertebrate, vertebrate, kennings, nouns, verbs, riddles 

As readers we will be reading through A Sheepdog Called Sky by Helen Peters, looking at character descriptions of both humans and animals. This will support our learning in science, showing how to care for animals including an abandoned puppy. 

As Writers we will be focusing on poetry. We will be writing Kenning poetry on the theme of dogs, this will be performed in class and then part of a competition- more details will follow. 

As Mathematicians we will be focusing on Place value. In Year 3 the children should understand that a 3 digit number is made up of 100s, 10s and 1s. They will have the opportunities to read numbers shown in different representations on a place value grid and be able to write them in numerals. They should be able to represent different 3 digit numbers using a variety of methods such as Base 10 or numerals.

As Scientists we will be learning about Animals including Humans. This will focus on food and the different food groups. We will be looking at the different types of animal diets; carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We will be learning about the different skeletons and names of some bones and be able to compare the skeleton of humans to dogs. 

PE lessons take place on Monday and Wednesday. 

Home Learning

Homework will be handed out on Friday and will be due back in the following Friday. It will consist of reading and answering questions. The questions will then be discussed in class. Every child will be given the opportunity to share their ideas. Children are expected to learn times tables, spellings and read at home.