Year 6

Aslans & Gryffindors Classes

Curriculum for Autumn Term 1

This half term our topic is ‘Micro - organisms’

Our half term focus is Science and English based. 

Topic vocabulary to understand and use: Micro – organisms, bacteria, algae, protozoa, fungi, microscope, microscopic organisms, magnified, ferment, decomposing, harmless, harmful, decay.

As Readers we will be reading “Cogheart” by Peter Bunzl. This exhilarating mystery will be the focus for our weekly reading homework.  We will also be continuing to read a variety of texts, practising our retrieval and interpreting skills, in preparation for SATs. 

As Writers we are going to be using the book “Are all Bacteria dangerous? by Baby Professor” to write balanced arguments. We will also be designing posters that warn people of the dangers of bacteria and what they can do to prevent it spreading. 

As Mathematicians we will be revising and practising the four operations (+ - x ÷) and focussing on applying our knowledge in a variety of real-life reasoning contexts. We will also be practising our times tables on a daily basis – any support that can be given at home with this would be greatly appreciated. 

As Scientists we are going to be exploring what micro – organisms are and the different groups they can be classified into. We will also be investigating “What makes mould grow?”, including deciding what variables we will need to control in order to make the experiment a fair test.

PE lessons will take place once a week and this half term Aslan class will also be swimming at Burnt Mill once a week on Monday. Gryffindors will be swimming at Burnt Mill next half term. Details will be sent out nearer the time. 

Home Learning

Pupils will be asked to complete focused reading homework every week as it has been very successful – this is where the children are given a chapter of a book to read and discuss and answer questions on. The children will have a week to complete this homework. Thank you so much for your support in completing this, please continue to do this through the next half term. Any incomplete homework or homework that is not handed in on the day will result in a loss of part of lunchtime.